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Your tongue in my head

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As much as a visual investigation of an artistic process, Moniker's project; Your tongue in my head playfully explores the concept of ‘action and reaction’, taking the observer through a mechanical and rhythmical thought-process The viewer can observe how individual ideas might distort, alter and grow within collaboration, shaping and taking a different form.

The live performance itself is a homage to creative relationships and artistic exchange. The collision of four diverse directions and logics, aural and visual, becomes an experimentation of influence and progression.

Independent yet unified voices come together, gradually soaking up the experience of others, transforming, manipulating and seductively influencing the relationship between sound, atmosphere and images.

Your tongue in my head employs a mixture of languages; textural compositions, rhythmic melodies, field recordings, documentary footage, animation, text, stills and moving image. These elements converge like fragments of different opinions, thoughts and ideas resulting in a rich audiovisual experience – and a tantalizing glimpse into the different styles of these artists.

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