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LUMA is audiovisual project that consists of different and unique parts that presents itself as complete single works inside one composition.

The AV performance is thought as unique event because of the creation of immersive landscape with dilated time and slow-motion dynamics that are controlled and modified in real time. Luma is not static project but dynamic. It is created during the process of becoming visible, becoming time.

The Luma's "still in movement" plays along with the sound, creating unique space and time. The project develops on one single image that is created for this project and that contains specific information necessary for the projects itself.

The image is a still and it is processed through series of effects and parameters combined together in order to obtain particular expressiveness of the work, characterized by the slow motions generated by the effects controlled and modified in real time.

The audio for this visual landscape wants to create disturbing and unnerving moods with low and high sounds, through noises of nature tastes and through metallic frequencies. Most of the sounds of this sonorization have been produced at reverse for this issue. The sound of Luma was also selected for the SoundLAB VI.

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