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Cyberdelic Reality 1.0

AV Performance
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Cyberdelic Reality 1.0 is the first in a new series of Audiovisual Performances by Q p.o.p.
--- 1.0 - A quantum reality representing a remixed planet Earth ---
Live audiovisual cinematic performance, combining Cyber punk references and psychedelic visuals. The soundscape combines Psychedelic sounds and Noise to create rhythmic pulses, sounds that have traveled from the Earth and speak through the technology by electrical currents. The main concept of the performance is about where Technology meets the bio-rhythmic pulse within the subconscious, a cerebral experience which uses remixed elements from pop culture and presents a vision of a future which may already be here. As with much of the previous work done as Q p.o.p. the main overarching concept is based on using tools to make adjustments to our reality, Questioning the information we receive through the Mass Media of the modern age and combined with the notion of quantum realities.
Production, arrangement and performance by marQu vr.

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