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Two contact microphones are attached on a brass bowl, an explorative gesture on the bow's surface usually by a second performer is the transient activity that triggers the resonant loop throughout the electro-­‐acoustic system and the space, it sets in motion the bowl's surface and excite the resonant chain of events that unfold from this interactions that translates as acoustic energy. The microphone is used to sense the environment and capture the acoustic parameter of the space. The signal from the microphone is fed into a preamplifier and a DSP wave-­‐shaper patch that form part of the electro acoustic chain. The bowl internal vibratory modes becomes electrical waveforms, the signal digitized and modulated is re-­‐introduced in the physical space. Within this performance piece the feedback's frequency and harmonic balance is altered by the sound elements feed into the feedback, the system forms an emergent process, input and output in an oscillating equilibrium.

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