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full info: http://eutracer.wrocenter.pl


author's page: http://paweljanicki.jp

EU_tracer is a media work that transforms Internet traffic into a variety of audiovisual forms. Data from assorted institutions of the European Union - chiefly the Parliament and European Commission - are changed into elaborate visual and musical structures and become the building blocks for a work of art.

The main component od EU_tracer is the specially designed software that scans messages and information in the Internet not for their contents, but for the dynamics of the interrelations among them, which it translates it translates into graphic metastructures and musical forms.

EU_tracer will be presented as both a performance and an installation. The site of each performance is a significant aspect of the project: The particular geographic locations from which the program connects with the internet will affect the data flow and availability. As the work is displayed in successive geographically and politically varied European and Asian cities, it will create a sort of cyber-cartographic trail leading through the musician associated with the particular locate, using an acoustic instrument to improvise on the flow of internet data. This musician, in addition to being a collaborator whose inventiveness will shape the work, will also serve as a symbolic representative of his/her community in European/global digital communication space.

EU_tracer is part of the cultural program accompanying the Polish Presidency of the EU

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