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“In ecologia, l’interazione è l’azione reciproca di organismi o fra questi e sostanze o processi, o anche di questi ultimi fra loro, all’interno di un ecosistema.” [from wikipedia]

The workshop aims to introduce the basic concepts of human-machine interaction, both for the creation of interactive installations and for audio/video performances.

During the workshop we will present some theoretical concepts based on the work of scholars in that field and at the same time we will work to create practical cases using techniques of motion tracking, audio/video sync and communication via OSC and MIDI.

During this workshop we will make use of a visual-development environment created specifically for video-performers, based on PureData, and therefore free and cross-platform (Linux, Mac OS, Windows).

The workshop is intended for VJs who want to expand their live set with interactive elements, sound artists who want to work on the relation audio/video and digital artists who want to learn the basic techniques of human-machine interaction.


- familiar with computer use

- a laptop

If you have please bring:

- webcams, keyboards, joypads, or any electronic toy you want to use as an interactive device.

The workshop is 4 sessions, about 3 hours each. It is held in Italian and accept no more than 20 participants.

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