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“When you find that moment of true non-duality, between this illusion and the reality. When you see the consciousness reflected in every fragment of light, the water and every living being. When you see the air dancing, feeling the life of the moment, the only time that exists. And in this moment, you will see me, staring back at you, eternally reflecting”

With a background in biophysics, microscopy and scientific image processing, I develop my artistic vision to apply these skills to interactive audiovisual performance. Working as a writer and training as a scientist I often contemplated the limitations of language and abstract thinking. Understanding reality, I believe is not the purpose of the human condition. But rather to modulate our consciousness through a sublime merging of abstract thinking and empathetic feeling. Our understanding of reality is limited by our senses and our interpretation, by contrast, by the limits of language. Yet we feel and dream every moment many dimensions and realities beyond such thinking. Therein lies the balance very internal to every human being, to break down perspectives and egos subconsciously. The purpose of this performance (and my ongoing research) is using sound and visuals as a therapeutic tool to help people connect and feel that abstract space in the mind that cannot be rationalized yet unlocks a lot of light and creativity.

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