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This will be an improvised livecoded acid modular set using the Gibberwocky environment for livecoding Ableton Live. Chromatouch aka Leon Trimble, previously has Livecoded music for the AlgoSix streaming festival... and Leon has livecoded visuals before - using VSynth for Max/MSP of r The Royal Conservatoire, Birmingham and with sound artist Graham Dunning at Goldsmiths University...
gibberwocky is a trio of environments for music programming and live-coding performance. Each of these environments targets adifferent software package or communication protocol, but share principles and APIs for musical sequencing and musical control signals. All three environments use vanilla JavaScript as the end-user programming language.


LPM 2018 Rome
  • 07.06.18 |


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Fiche technique

  • Durée : 120 min.
  • Genre: DJ SET
Minijack audio - stereo 3.5mm.


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21 Février 2008
2 Mai 1974

  • United Kingdom birmingham

À propos de moi

As an artist I am using evolving technology not only as a medium in itself but also as subject.

Streaming, layering and reinterpreting multiple live art forms simultaneously. Finding where science meets spirituality and walking the fine line that exists between both camps; without indulging the dogma of pseudoscience or being blinkered by scientific myopia.

I dedicate the use of technology and it’s bastardisation to improvise live images that relate to and directly influence the situation, i.e. music, dance, theatre etc. an element of chaos is intrinsic to all my work.

Growing up in the inner cities of Birmingham gives my work an urban outlook. With a science background I have a rational perspective and having being brought up by hippies i have an ability to live in the moment.

I am able to pick something up and run with it, in terms of new ideas/technology/performance, I have innate multitasking skills, and am able to use geeky technology to express non-geeky ideas.

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