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DVD projection
The Tightrhythm_currents 2011 program features new works by a collection of associated visual artists. Selected and curated by the founders of lightrhythm, this collection summarizes some of the most diverse films from the label, and some of the newest unreleased materials, wrapped and presented in a cinema screening format.

From the surreal illustrations of shantell martin to the 8bit styles of raquel meyers this diverse program entitles an audience to peer into the new visual cultures from around the world.



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  • Durée : 30 min.
  • Genre: DVD projection
The screening program is generally provided on DVD , but can also be run from a Laptop provided by lightrhythm


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5 Mars 2011

  • France paris

À propos de moi

Lightrhythm is an audiovisual label curating and commissioning a strong selection of visuals and creative video contents for live events and performances. celebrating its fifth aniversary, lightrhythm has become one of the most established networks in vjing and audiovisual performance with around 60 associated artists and 11 dvd releases.

lightrhythm collaborates with leading international film and music festivals where we showcase and promote upcoming talent through performances and screenings.

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