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18 Mai 2006
1 Décembre 1973

  • Italy Roma

À propos de moi

Nikky is a fictional character and multi disciplinary artist working with performance video and projection, using her body as a medium of transformation.

She has been developing since 20 years her unique language, combining the notion of flexible identity and role play in her various performances and audio visual
Fascinated by light and images, she questions the body and its interactions to the environment, the social context and the definition of art as an extension of the self, shaping the space in interaction with projections. She has worked with theater, performance and dance, finding a unique way to define how modern technology and physical presence can create a unique synthesis with sound, scene and performative action.

Nikky is also an activist, vj, initator of the LPM festival, and has developed together with Gianluca Del Gobbo the version 2.0 of the video software Flxer.

2017 Rouge sang expanded, with AudeRrose, Teatro forte, Rome, Italy
2017 Scenography video for the play “brevi racconti tra un dialogo è un soldato” of Giovanna Velardi
2017 Video installation, Gegen, Berlin, Germany
2016 Aporia, with Silvia Trix, B-Seite Festival, Mannheim, Germany
2015 Aporia, audio visual performance, Live cinema festival, Rome, Italy
2014 Muro cieco, performance, video and dance with Fabio Ciccalè, Rome, Italy

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